Oracle Eloqua is a multinational marketing automation company that creates software solutions to help organisations carry out effective lead generation and nurturing.


Executive Objectives

To help publicise the Eloqua platform and engage their target audience, Oracle needed an innovative campaign that would raise brand awareness and increase lead generation.

Current state

At the outset, Oracle were using a traditional PR approach, much of which centered around mass email campaigns. With a lack of personalisation or outreach into social channels, the Eloqua awareness campaigns were not performing as well as expected.


Business challenges

Eloqua needed assistance with defining who their target audience was, and the sorts of content that would most appeal to these people. The Eloqua team also needed help in identifying the most relevant outlets to spread their messaging, and the best way in which to do so to create an engaged community.

Future state

Using all available digital channels, Tomorrow People were able to reinvigorate Eloqua’s sales process, driving more pre-qualified leads to the company website. These techniques continue to be leveraged by Eloqua helping to further grow their engaged audience now.

Tomorrow People also worked with Eloqua to help them remap their existing sales pipeline to accommodate the new inbound marketing funnel. In doing so, Eloqua’s online offerings became more “self-service”-oriented, whilst continuing to engage prospects with relevant.


Success metrics

The Modern Marketer Universe campaign was a resounding success, delivery a 300% increase in qualified sales leads for the Eloqua team to follow up. By engaging with their community, Eloqua also managed to achieve a 150% increase in PR coverage, helping to spread the brand message even further.

How did Tomorrow People change the game?

Tomorrow People designed a new landing page and microsite — The Modern Marketer Universe. This creative 'planetary' campaign hosted useful content in the form of infographics, statistics, Grande guides and video, all dealing with different aspects of marketing, from Email World to Campaign ROI World.

A dedicated online PR effort led to coverage of the campaign on several key platforms, including major publications like Econsultancy and Ragan Communications. In addition to these, a large part of the campaign involved reaching out to marketing influencers online, including bloggers, online magazines and contributor sources. Together, these PR efforts generated significant awareness and referral traffic to the Eloqua microsite, with coverage and links on over 50 websites during the 3-month campaign.

LinkedIn was used to connect with marketing professionals and business owners — Eloqua's target audience, while on Facebook and Pinterest, a competition encouraged them to share and vote on their most admired marketing campaigns. On Twitter, explorers of the marketing world shared the content and their opinions with their own communities, using the hashtag, #modernmarketer.


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