Multinational vendor of enterprise-grade software and solutions, Oracle are a well-established player in the IT market. Best known for the Oracle Database solution, the company also offers a broad range of tools aimed at enterprise-class businesses.


Executive Objectives

In order to spur uptake of their new social relationship management platform Oracle needed to develop a campaign that would help raise their profile. Oracle were keen to grow their marketshare within the Northern Europe sales territory.

Current state

Existing marketing efforts were focused on traditional PR and mass emails, neither of which was having the desired effect. Realising that social channels were not being fully exploited, Oracle approached Tomorrow People for assistance with creating a workable social strategy that would help them reach their business goals.


Business challenges

Oracle were looking to make headway in a market that is already competitive, filled with competing messages. To create space within the crowded market, Oracle needed to change their approach significantly to increase social engagement using an inbound marketing strategy.

Future state

By adopting a well engineered social strategy built on Tomorrow People’s listen – create – engage – transform – improve process, Oracle were immediately able to begin creating space within the social enablement sector.

Social media outreach has been complemented by a new inbound marketing strategy that uses the same five stage framework, further extending the reach of Oracle’s marketing team. Tomorrow People also helped the Oracle team identify and connect with key industry influencers who could further spread their message.


Success metrics

Oracle engaged with 5 industry leaders who created user-generated content to promote the brand.

How did Tomorrow People change the game?

Tomorrow People helped Oracle survey the marketplace, before developing a competition to engage the top 5 bloggers in their field to promote Oracle’s products. This immediately helped Oracle to carve out their own space in the social media management market by encouraging user-generated content to further their brand message.

The competition was backed by a comprehensive content and social strategy built on Tomorrow People’s listen – create – engage – transform – improve process. Combining these two strategies created an inbound marketing funnel that Oracle could use to generate high-quality, pre-qualified leads.


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