Trustpilot are providers of customer review services, offering a way for business to collect feedback from their clients. This information can then be displayed on their websites to improve customer trust, and provides a way to connect with existing customers to improve service.


Executive Objectives

Despite selling a software solution heavily reliant on social media and digital channels, Trustpilot’s own marketing strategy was far more traditional. On and offline PR efforts were backed by an emphasis on broadcast email advertising.

Current state

To try and kickstart the move to a digital strategy, Trustpilot had implemented the Eloqua marketing platform. However a lack of in-house skills and experience meant that the team was only using the email functions of the platform.

Trustpilot also found that the content they were producing was of little or no interest to prospects, generating very little in the way of leads. Virtually every document was focused on their products and services, rather than addressing the business pains of their target market.


Business challenges

Trustpilot has a highly skilled internal team, but little understanding of content marketing and inbound lead generation. The team had plenty of good ideas for increasing engagement, but had neither the time nor the resources to implement them fully.

At the same time the Trustpilot product was gaining traction, forcing the company to grow quickly. The team needed to act quickly, or potentially lose the white space of ‘trust’ to their competitors.

Future state

Trustpilot needed to implement a ‘content engine’ to generate the information their prospects were looking for and find a way to deliver it. Tomorrow People helped institute an organisational change, involving all departments of Trustpilot to help focus on lead generation through content creation and distribution.


Success metrics

Since implementing a global content strategy, marketing now contributes 40% of the sales pipeline. The new content strategy has also been replicated for each of the territories in which Trustpilot operate, delivering similar levels of success in multiple markets and languages.

How did Tomorrow People change the game?

Tomorrow People implemented a mix of paid, earned and owned content strategies, to be updated on a rolling quarterly basis. By using a mix of digital channels, Trustpilot were able to accelerate their performance in the UK, US, Danish and Northern European marketplaces.

As standard with all inbound marketing projects undertaken by Tomorrow People, the listen – create – engage – transform – improve – stages of lead generation were crucial. Tomorrow People helped Trustpilot identify their buyer personas and then create engaging resources to pull prospects through the inbound funnel. These same stages were implemented across each geographic market in which Trustpilot operates with similar levels of success. The use of third party PR agencies in foreign markets further accelerated deployment and success.

Finally Tomorrow People helped Trustpilot establish and own the whitespace surrounding the concept of ‘trust’ online. Trustpilot is now regarded as a leading authority on digital trust and buyer engagement through online review collection.


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