Lead Scoring

for maximum ROI

Imagine how effective your sales team could be if they knew precisely which leads were most ready to buy and when. Lead scoring shows you exactly who your hottest prospects are so you can deploy your resources to convert them.

We use marketing automation to map out your customer’s buying journey and perform lead scoring at each stage. Whenever a new lead enters your inbound marketing funnel, the process of lead scoring begins and you will be notified when a lead becomes red hot.

Lead scoring is based on the interactions that customers have with your company, such as downloading an eGuide from your site or engaging on social media. Assigning a score with each interaction, you can track the behaviour of your leads and know exactly when they’re ready to buy.

Armed with this information, along with full details of every interaction, your sales team is now fully prepared to enter a sales dialogue with the client. And to close the deal.