Customer Engagement

Turn your customers into advocates with a comprehensive customer engagement strategy from Tomorrow People.

Customer engagement

Your customer engagement strategy encompasses many things. Tomorrow People sums it up as getting people on your side. Turning customers into your greatest fans.

Fans don’t just buy from you; they tell their friends and family, too. Becoming advocates who turbocharge your marketing by extending the reach and depth of every campaign and program.

There are different ways to do it. And several ways to measure it. Two we use are a Customer Engagement and Advocacy program and a Cross-selling and up-selling program.

Customer Engagement and Advocacy program

A Customer Engagement and Advocacy program takes your customer engagement strategy up a notch. It’s a program designed to turn customers into cheerleaders, with incentives along the way.

It may start with a simple survey, asking customers to score you 0-10. (That’s how you find out who your fans are.) It might ask them to spread the word, with special offers for every friend they introduce. Or sometimes, it’s as simple as sharing your content across social media.

  • Surveying customers to find your biggest fans
  • Sharing content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and beyond
  • Incentives for member-get-member signups and intros
  • Winning those Likes, Follows, Retweets, Joins and Comments that bring your brand to a broader audience

Marketing results

The methods differ, but the result is the same: making the most of your marketing.

Cross selling and upselling programs

Cross-selling means taking advantage of sales opportunities at the moment they arise. (If they’re buying a table, sell them a chair.) Communicated in the right way, with the right offer, you’re adding value to both your customer and your top line sales.

Up-selling means introducing an offer to upgrade to the latest or the bigger-and-better. While cross-selling boosts your top line, up-selling does great things to your bottom line, or profit margin. We can help you to:

  • Bring in imaginative offers as an easy choice at the point of purchase
  • Offer a smooth path to the extended purchase - even a single click
  • Give customised offers based on the customer’s purchase history
  • ...and offer them all at the right moment on their customer journey, to maximise conversion rate

Cross selling

Deliver offers at the right moment of your customers’ journey - enabling you to maximise conversion rates