Earned Media

Extend your marketing program with earned media by targeting your audience in a multi-channel approach.

Earned media services

Earned media backs up other channels like owned media (your website) and paid media (sponsored content.) It wins eyeballs and audiences not because you’ve paid for its placement, but because it’s genuinely valuable to them.

By combining social media marketing, influencer outreach and content placement, our earned media approach drives online conversations, creating an engaged community of influencers and advocates that will promote and champion your brand.

Our earned media team will enhance and amplify your inbound program by accessing channels and placements that are targeted and specific, with content that is optimised for each platform. Activity that is always driven by your personas delivers more qualified leads into your sales funnel.

Influencer program

84% of global consumers said they trusted recommendations from people they know, making them the highest rated form of advertising. Put simply, influencers are any group or individual that can potentially affect the purchase decisions of your target personas, by driving brand awareness, encouraging consideration, or validating decision making.

We identify and engage your brand’s potential social influencers, allowing you to shape the conversations happening around your brand, products and industry, ensuring the right people are saying the right things.

Social influencer engagement can help to drive:

  • Word of mouth and brand awareness
  • Social proof and recommendation
  • Trust, transparency and authority
  • Brand identity and reputation

By integrating social influencer activity into your owned and paid activity, we help you to amplify and enhance the footprint of your brand online, building trust, authority and authenticity through a network of prominent individuals.

Social influencers

Social influencers exist in every sector. With Tomorrow People’s help, you can make them your friends.

Social Prospecting

How can you use social media channels to discover and profile your target customers? Our social prospecting programme provides you with rich insights from social media channels,

helping you to identify decision makers at target companies, understand their position in the sales funnel, and find the best way to begin a dialogue.

Adding social prospecting to your campaign enables you to:

Make sense of buzz

Create a buzz across blogs talking about your areas of expertise

Identifying topics

Identify topics of interest where you could join the conversation


Track down individuals with unusual influence in the space

We give your sales team the tools to start informed conversations with engaged leads through social intelligence.

Social media

Social Selling

Social selling is about ensuring that all of your channels of engagement with your customers tell the same story. Presenting a unified message is one of the strongest ways of developing the trust of your customers which, in turn, encourages advocacy.

Our expert team can train your sales team to ensure that their messages are consistent and that they are taking the right approach to becoming a trusted member of each community. And of course giving value back.

Social selling will allow you to:


Identify the communities and professional networks where your customers are


Develop content that answers the questions and topics they’re discussing


Present that content in the context that delivers most leads

Social selling

Some say social selling is the only selling. Whether you agree or not, talk to us.


A huge volume of B2B Public Relations happens online… but the web’s not the whole story. Tomorrow People’s digital smarts extend offline into relationships with other agencies and newswire services, letting us give you 360-degree public relations coverage.

Channels we use include:

  • Sector-specific news websites and trade organisations
  • LinkedIn and business networking groups
  • Expert bloggers and information providers
  • Major newswires and press agencies worldwide
  • Social media influencers

B2B PR matters more to your reputation than ever. Tomorrow People can help you build your public relations plan.