Marketing Programs

Customer conversations are two-way - as are Tomorrow People’s marketing programs.

Earned media services

We will provide your company with an integrated inbound marketing campaign, driven by an omni-channel experience which will see your content consistently distributed across a number of relevant channels to engage your customers.

Our interest is in what works. Some audiences engage with mass media outbound more readily than one-to-one inbound. We also know that many inbound programs can be boosted with an outbound campaign in the media plan… leading to dramatic uplift in conversion rates across the board.

Our expert team have the expertise to deliver a marketing program which suits your company because, after all, marketing programs shouldn’t be one size fits all.

Here’s a rundown of our inbound marketing programs and integrated digital campaigns.

Marketing programs

Inbound Marketing Programs

Every inbound marketing program looks different - but its goals will always be the same. Attracting customers towards you, in the way that works best for them.

That’s what marks out inbound from outbound. A customer making a broad-brush search on a business topic may not be ready to see an ad or sign up for an email… yet.

But if the right content, in the right media, is there for them to see… their engagement has started.

Choose Tomorrow People as your partner for your inbound marketing program because we will:

  • Work with you to build an opt-in community of sales ready leads
  • Bring you new leads, but also help you to retain your existing customers
  • Offer you our expert services and unique methodology
  • Deliver a campaign that can be globally influential, depending on your business needs
  • Provide you with the relevant business and marketing objectives to generate the ROI that you want to see

marketing programs

What matters to inbound is the customer journey and Tomorrow People can make that journey with you.

Integrated Digital Campaigns

Our integrated digital marketing campaigns can work on their own or coupled with an integrated outbound strategy. With the same outcome: delivering your value proposition to the right people in the right way.

After all, for some audiences, a deliberate outreach strategy - a personalised ad, a custom email campaign - is the best choice.

We keep content at the core, but ensure that it’s used across the channels which are most relevant to your market and incorporate earned, owned and paid media.

Previous Tomorrow People integrated digital marketing campaigns for clients include:

  • Creating a microsite with a whole host of useful content form of infographics, statistics, Grande guides and video which delivered a 300% increase in qualified sales leads and a 150% increase in PR coverage
  • A dedicated PR effort on several key platforms as well as reaching out to key influencers which significantly increased referral traffic with coverage and links on over 50 websites during the three month campaign
  • Developing a survey and social competition to engage the top five bloggers in the clients’ field and encouraging user-generated content, accompanied by a comprehensive content and social strategy

If you’d like to explore what integrated marketing programs could add to your marketing, talk to us.