5 Common Campaign Implementation Mistakes and How to Overcome Them [Slideshare]
By Pete Winter

5 Common Campaign Implementation Mistakes and How to Overcome Them [Slideshare]

Discover the mistakes B2B marketers make when implementing campaigns – and how to become the marketing wizard who overcomes them.

You’ve been working hard to conjure up your B2B marketing campaign, and now you’re ready for launch. Your assets are ready, your team has agreed the objectives, and you’re all raring to go. Although you want to get your campaign off the ground and see those results rolling in, it’s vital that you check, check, and check your campaign again before you even think about go-live.  Just as much dedication needs to go into your campaign’s implementation as it did the research and planning stages.

In this SlideShare, we take a look at 5 common mistakes that marketers make during the implementation stage. If these errors are caught in advance, repercussions can be easily avoided. However, should you ignore these crucial issues, you’ll find it much more difficult to mitigate the impact once your campaign is live.



  • Don’t rush to launch your campaign. Give yourself time to check, check, and check again to ensure that your audience will have the best possible experience when they are engaging with your campaign.
  • Your campaign will consist of many moving parts, but it’s essential that you can bring them together and have full visibility of what’s going, and how they are all contributing to overall performance.
  • What comes out of your campaign will only ever be as good as what’s gone into it. Make sure your data is thoroughly cleansed, up-to-date, and complete – otherwise some of your efforts will fail to reach your audience.
  • Campaigns aren’t set in stone. What resonates with your audience could change between campaign planning and go-live or their responses may not be what you had expected. Successful campaigns are those with flexibility to continuously adapt to audience behaviour.

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