Great products require powerful positioning.

Products that are considered overly intricate or struggle to convey their value proposition may struggle to meet evolving customer expectations.

To effectively meet customer demands and break through the competitive market landscape, products must be strategically positioned. This positioning relies on unrivalled audience insights, competitive differentiation, compelling messaging, and creative application.

This is undeniably a complex undertaking that necessitates validated research and creative expertise to elevate the product.


Is weak positioning holding you back?

Your current customers love you, but new prospects can’t figure out the value you’re selling.

Your company has complex sales cycles and low close rates, and you’re losing out to the competition.

You have high customer churn shortly after purchase.

You’re under price pressure as customers complain your price is too high.

Perceived value, precise positioning.

At Tomorrow People, we are dedicated to creating and communicating unrivalled value for your product. Through precise positioning strategies, we ensure your offering stands out, resonates with your audience, and drives growth. Start elevating your product and exceed customer expectations.

Audience Intelligence Icon
Audience Intelligence

Our approach hinges on audience intelligence, using the latest AI tools, independent research, and interviews with colleagues and users to collect and analyze data for invaluable insights into your audience. By putting your audience at the heart of the project we empower effective marketing, personalization, and heightened customer engagement.

Product Value Exploration Icon
Product Value Exploration

Our expertise lies in exploring your product’s value, identifying unique selling points, analyzing market needs, and crafting tailored marketing strategies for unparalleled sales success. We find your product’s sweet spot, and build a strategy to amplify your voice in the market.

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Story & Messaging Creation

Elevate your brand with our expert product storytelling services. We facilitate productive workshops, either in-person or remotely, to extract the key points of your product story. We specialize in identifying pain points, highlighting unique features, and fostering emotional connections to drive purchasing decisions and convey product value seamlessly.

Visual Identity Development Icon
Visual Identity Development

Through collaborative workshops and methodical processes, we create a captivating visual identity for your product. Our creative flair and branding expertise ensure your product has a strong visual presence, enabling customers to understand product value and features. All of which serves to drive engagement and adoption.

Product Marketing Playbook Icon
Product Marketing Playbook

Your product visual identity, messaging, and tone of voice need to be documented so that they can be applied consistently and effectively, time and time again. We provide you with a comprehensive playbook to guide strategic product launches, positioning, messaging, and effective marketing campaigns.

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Sales Enablement

Elevate sales with our strategic sales enablement services. We equip teams with knowledge, tools, and resources, enhancing productivity and driving revenue growth in a competitive market. We ensure sales and marketing are aligned behind a cohesive voice and vision.

Market Activation Icon
Market Activation

Unlock product success with our activation services. We transform ideas into tangible successes through strategic planning, creative execution, and effective messaging, which engages customers and drives profit.


What success looks like.


Creating moments that matter for a B2B gifting and experience platform. From brand strategy to product positioning to a new web experience.


Building a new brand for a merger and acquisition. From great brand strategy to a unique visual identity and cutting-edge product positioning.

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