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Creating a voice for a global tech leader.

Acquia, a leader in the digital experience platform space, was facing a visibility challenge. Despite their strong market presence and connection to the Drupal platform, they needed to transcend traditional content formats to elevate their position and reach broader markets.

The task was to expand the reach and visibility of the Acquia brand, enlarging the influence and degree of thought leadership into multiple geographies while continuing to push the boundaries of content creation to both excite, and delight, their audience.

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Taking on Acquia’s challenge, Tomorrow People embarked on a journey to revolutionize the content ideation and creation process to maximize the exposure Acquia receives.

We started by working with the Acquia team to understand their current marketing approach, media placement opportunities, where they were seeing success and, more importantly, where future opportunities existed.

With an understanding of this multi-channel direction, we were able to create a variety of content assets that aligned to current industry trends and topics. This helped to maximize the reach and exposure of the content to the widest possible audience and drive additional awareness of the brand, as well as supporting wider lead generation activity.

Adjacent to the content approach, we also commissioned and developed a piece of primary research, with contributors from all over the globe, turning it into a digital destination and downloadable asset for both a global and local market editions. This asset also became one the key focal points of the Acquia Engage annual event.

We also worked with the Acquia team to develop and design a unique video podcast series, “The Open Sauce”, which enabled us to open up an additional level of reach and awareness with the target audience. This succeeded in solidifying the brand’s position as a thought leader within the market, and also positioned key stakeholders as wider influencers.

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Developing the approach

We set up interviews with key stakeholders and current team members from all functions to truly understand what they wanted to say, as well as Acquia customers to discover what they wanted to hear. We questioned them on their perception of the brand, and their expectations and ideas for moving forward. Additional research was also undertaken, scoping out industry-shaping trends, conversational opportunities and competitor market share.

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Shaping the themes

As part of a multi-channel approach, it was important to get a clear picture of the desired frames, themes and topics that were both trending and potentially primed for opportunity. Understanding the forward feature approach of key media patterns and influencers helped to create a level of clarity around what would be trending and when.

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Creating the content

With the plan in place we set to work developing and producing content across a range of different channels and mediums. No stone was left unturned as we expertly crafted materials across digital, audio and video formats, helping to bring the Acquia story to life across any device, any channel, at any time.

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Launching to the world

Creating awesome content for an awesome brand is one part of the story. The other part is bringing it to a defined target audience in a competitive way. This is why we worked to develop a sustainable approach to lead generation across paid, earned and owned channels, enabling Acquia to expand their reach further than ever before.

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The updated approach was a massive success for awareness, reach, and also lead generation activities. Acquia continue to request new series of content and our relationship grows stronger and stronger.


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