BP Fleet.

A name, a story, an identity.


Finding a voice.

In the evolving landscape of sustainable fleet mobility, BP Fleet found itself at a crossroads. While possessing vast potential and expertise, they faced a pressing challenge: crafting a unique voice that could differentiate them on a global scale, yet resonate locally.

Compounded by the need to accelerate their positioning amidst stiff competition, BP Fleet urgently needed to assert its expertise and vision in the domain and clearly establish themselves as a true thought leader and influencer within the space.

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BP Fleet engaged Tomorrow People to help them find their voice.

We began by deep-diving into the very ethos of BP Fleet. Recognizing that genuine thought leadership goes beyond surface-level changes, we undertook a comprehensive redefinition of BP’s voice and personality. This wasn’t about mere messaging, but embodying a philosophy that could shape the industry.

We curated engaging and original thoughts that reflected BP’s innovative approach to sustainable fleet mobility. By intertwining a refreshed personality with deeply insightful content, we crafted a narrative that was both global in its appeal and local in its resonance.

To bridge the global-local gap, we crafted localized channel strategies. This entailed a deep dive into European and specific local markets, understanding their dynamics, needs, and preferences.

With this information, we developed a unified, yet tailored message for BP Fleet. The end strategy combined global thought leadership with regional relevance, ensuring that BP’s voice was authoritative, insightful, and resonated deeply with its target audience.

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Understanding the brand

Internal consultations, stakeholder interviews, and competitor analysis enabled us to deeply grasp the unique value BP Fleet brought to the table. This understanding formed the bedrock of all subsequent strategies.

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A targeted approach

To foster genuine connections, Tomorrow People undertook extensive local market research. This helped identify market-specific challenges, preferences, and opportunities, ensuring BP’s approach was not just global, but also personal.

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Realizing the vision

Drawing from the rich insights and data points, we crafted a multi-tiered messaging strategy that spoke universally while catering to local sensibilities. Visual elements were designed to evoke trust, sustainability, and innovation.

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Campaign execution

With a well-defined roadmap, they rolled out an integrated campaign. Focused content, events, and outreach strategies were employed to firmly position BP Fleet as thought leaders in sustainable mobility.

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The impact.

Establishing themselves as thought leaders, BP Fleet didn’t just engage their audience but also unlocked multiple lucrative opportunities, effectively redefining their market position. By creating exciting messaging and bringing it to life across key regions, Tomorrow People ensured that BP Fleet grabbed its audience’s attention in a highly competitive market and powered scalable growth.

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