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Targeting new markets with new ways of working.

Castrol ON, a renowned name in the automotive industry, faced a pivotal challenge when venturing into a new market—data centers. The company’s immersion cooling solution, although a promising technology, struggled to gain traction in a domain where they had limited awareness. Communicating the unique value of their product to key segments such as OEMs, integrators, and data center owners presented a formidable challenge. This is where a visionary positioning agency stepped in to transform their business trajectory.

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Castrol engaged Tomorrow People to ensure their positioning was spot ON.

Entering the data center market was a bold move for Castrol ON. Their immersion cooling technology was largely unknown in the data center industry. This lack of awareness created a barrier to entry. Furthermore, articulating the value proposition of immersion cooling to a tech-savvy and skeptical audience proved to be a major challenge.

To overcome these challenges, Castrol ON enlisted the help of positioning agency Tomorrow People. This partnership aimed to create unrivaled value by leveraging Castrol ON’s established expertise in lubricants and expanding it into the data center industry. Our mission was clear: to differentiate Castrol ON’s immersion cooling solution, captivate audiences, create first-mover opportunities, and evolve market perspectives.

Tomorrow People’s work was multifaceted and comprehensive. It began with a new sub-brand positioning for Castrol ON, establishing a distinct identity in the data center space. We also developed a new product positioning strategy for data center cooling, ensuring that the unique benefits of immersion cooling were crystal clear to the target audience.

Moreover, it encompassed a complete overhaul of Castrol ON’s online presence, with a new website and a content strategy tailored to key segments such as OEMs, integrators, and data center owners and operators.

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New sub-brand positioning

Our strategic approach was to create a sub-brand for Castrol ON within the data center industry. This sub-brand represented a fusion of Castrol ON’s automotive heritage with its pioneering immersion cooling solution. The brand positioning communicated reliability, efficiency, and expertise, highlighting Castrol ON’s commitment to quality and performance.

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New product positioning

We worked closely with Castrol ON to craft a compelling narrative that illustrated how immersion cooling technology was a game-changer for data centers. Differentiated from traditional air-based cooling, immersion cooling offered superior performance, reduced energy consumption, and minimized environmental impact. This message was captivating, turning heads in the data center industry.

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New website and content strategy

To enhance Castrol ON’s online presence, Tomorrow People developed a state-of-the-art website designed to engage and educate the target audience. It seamlessly integrated the new sub-brand positioning and product positioning, making it easier for potential customers to understand and evaluate the offering. Alongside the website,we implemented a content strategy that catered to OEMs, integrators, and data center owners and operators. Regularly updated blog posts, case studies, and whitepapers provided valuable insights and showcased Castrol ON as an industry thought leader.

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Switching the value ON.

Castrol ON’s partnership with Tomorrow People has revolutionized their presence in the data center market. By creating unrivaled value, differentiating their product, captivating audiences, creating first-mover opportunities, and evolving market perspectives, Castrol ON has successfully evolved as a key player in the data center industry.

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