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Merging two brands and shaping a leading cloud proposition.

Cegal, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, had long been synonymous with the oil and gas industry. However, the shifting landscape of energy demanded a repositioning of its cloud proposition, known as geo-cloud, to resonate with the broader renewables market.

Additionally, Cegal faced the challenge of merging with Sysco, a company that shared its values and vision but needed a unified brand identity. Enter our positioning agency, poised to transform their entire approach.

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Cegal engaged Tomorrow People to help them navigate their journey of transformation and growth.

Cegal’s initial challenge was clear: how to rename their geo-cloud offering to appeal to a wider renewables market while also merging Sysco and Cegal into a single, cohesive brand. This meant not only capturing the essence of their innovative IT solutions but also distinguishing themselves in a crowded marketplace. The solution required a strategic pivot from oil and gas to renewables, emphasizing solutions over products.

We approached the challenge with an unwavering commitment to creating unrivaled value. To reposition Cegal, we devised a comprehensive strategy that leveraged their core strengths while showcasing their adaptability. We positioned Cegal as a company transitioning from oil and gas into the renewable energy sector, capturing their evolution and market perspective shift.

We achieved this by conducting a series of in-depth interviews with Cegal and Sysco stakeholders, their customers, and key personas across renewables, oil and gas, IT, and finance. This allowed us to identify common goals and challenges, better understand market movements, and ensure our recommendations were based on the real pains felt by Cegal’s personas.

Tomorrow People then created a messaging playbook, brand story, and refreshed tone of voice and writing guide, which formed the basis of a series of strategic outputs—such as captivating brand animations and internal videos—that allowed Cegal to share their new positioning with all audiences.

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Cegal Thumbnail 1
New brand position

Cegal’s new brand positioning was built around the vision of turning complex IT into digital success stories, thereby differentiating the company from its competitors.

We emphasized their ability to create first-mover opportunities within the renewables sector, which would captivate audiences and set them apart as innovators in the field. Cegal was no longer just a tech company; it was a trailblazer leading the transition towards sustainable energy solutions.

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New product positioning

Renaming the geo-cloud as ‘Cetegra’ was a pivotal moment in our journey. By breaking the product into different modules of grouped capability and implementing new naming conventions, we ensured a more straightforward, intuitive understanding of their offerings.

This created a differentiated approach that reflected Cegal’s commitment to providing unrivaled value to its customers.

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New website

Tomorrow People designed and launched a global lead generation website that not only showcased Cegal’s revamped positioning but also continued to evolve and optimize over time.

This transformation allowed Cegal to engage with a broader audience, capturing the attention of renewable energy stakeholders and positioning itself as the go-to solution provider.

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Market transformation.

Our strategic repositioning efforts transformed Cegal from a niche oil and gas IT provider into an industry leader in renewables. By creating unrivaled value, differentiating their offerings, captivating audiences, and evolving market perspectives, we successfully enabled Cegal to seize first-mover opportunities in the evolving energy sector. Cegal’s journey stands as a testament to the power of strategic brand positioning and the long-lasting impact it can have on a business’s growth and success.


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