A new visual identity for a new generation of sales leaders.


The imperative for change.

In a saturated SaaS landscape, MEDDICC, a software platform geared towards industry-leading sales teams, found itself at a crossroads, with an out-dated brand that no longer represented the direction and energy of the company.

Even more importantly, however, the brand was causing confusion amongst the target audience and, ultimately, hamstringing the ability of MEDDICC to achieve its growth goals and ambitions.

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Taking on MEDDICC’s challenge, Tomorrow People embarked on a holistic brand revamp to help MEDDICC reach its growth potential.

Tomorrow People partnered with MEDDICC to first define what a viable solution could look like, with a view of launching to the market in just a matter of weeks. MEDDICC 2.0 was born.

Our strategy and brand experience teams then carried out extensive research and stakeholder interviews to understand what makes MEDDICC different. We attended industry trade shows and analyzed the competition, and were then able to present the MEDDICC leadership team with insights into brand and marketing strategy, communication channels, and overall look and feel.

Each element was meticulously redesigned to emphasize the personality of MEDDICC and create a clear point of differentiation, making sure that MEDDICC wasn’t perceived as just another ‘me-too’, but a transformative solution for modern sales teams.

We used these elements to elevate the existing design from outdated to vibrant, doing away with any unnecessary elements and pushing a bold and energetic visual style.

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Md Thumbnail 1
Understanding the brand

Discovery workshops, stakeholder interviews and market analysis enabled us to define the status quo that was holding MEDDICC back from reaching its true potential and also provided the leadership team with a true ‘ah-ha’ moment.

With realization of what MEDDICC could become, the ideation of the true MEDDICC identity could begin. This was broken down into three core pillars: 1) Online training and masterclasses, 2) A subscription-based SaaS platform and 3) MEDDICC Media, the world’s first Meddicc media channel.

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Creating the identity

The need to bring a vibrant and energetic tone in order to stand out in the market was unanimous. The graphic identity dared to challenge the status quo.

MEDDICC truly embraced the new visual identity, opting to apply it everywhere; t-shirts, caps, hoodies, keyrings, water bottles and digital protectors—the list goes on.

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Realizing the vision

Designing an amazing new brand with an awesome product is one thing; bringing it to the target audience, in a way which creates tangible value and positive business impact, is another.

We rebuilt and redesigned the new MEDDICC website from the ground up to turn it into a powerful digital property that amplified the story of the brand and effectively converts website traffic into leads and sales.

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We then clarified key brand messages,
identified relevant brand themes and made recommendations on marketing channels and activities.

We provided the MEDDICC team with a communication toolkit that could be shared with all their employees and distributors.

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The impact.

Post-rebrand, MEDDICC confidently stood apart in the market, its vibrancy and energy providing clear and compelling differentiation, leading to enhanced brand recognition and pipeline generation.


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