Unleashing moments that matter.


Immature brand and product identity.

Reachdesk, a B2B gifting and direct mail platform, was facing a critical challenge. While they offered a unique and valuable service, their brand was struggling to stand out in a crowded market.

Prospective customers weren’t fully grasping the platform’s capabilities, and the company was failing to achieve the growth it deserved. Their branding and positioning needed a significant overhaul to communicate their value proposition effectively.

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Tomorrow People gave Reachdesk the gift of powerful brand identity.

To revamp Reachdesk’s brand and position it for growth, a comprehensive strategy was implemented. First, extensive market research was conducted to gain a deep understanding of the target audience and competitive landscape. This revealed that Reachdesk’s core strength lay in personalization and engagement, which was underutilized in its existing branding.

To overcome these challenges, ReachDesk partnered with Tomorrow People, a visionary positioning agency that specializes in creating first-mover opportunities and evolving market perspectives.

We devised a holistic strategy to revamp ReachDesk’s messaging and product positioning, ultimately creating a compelling narrative around “Delivering Moments that Matter.”

Our strategy encompassed a comprehensive overhaul of ReachDesk’s branding, products, and online presence. It aimed to differentiate ReachDesk from competitors, ensuring that the new message would not only captivate audiences but also offer a differentiated value proposition throughout the customer journey.

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Tomorrow People helped ReachDesk position itself as a game-changer in the industry by creating unrivaled value at every stage of the buying journey. The message “Delivering Moments that Matter” now runs through the core of their brand, transforming the way they connect with leads, onboard clients, drive retention, and engage employees.

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Product positioning

With Tomorrow People’s expertise, ReachDesk redefined their product positioning to emphasize the value they bring to clients. Their products became more than just tools; they became vehicles to create meaningful, memorable moments that truly matter.

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New website

We didn’t stop at repositioning; we also revamped ReachDesk’s website to reflect their new messaging. The website now serves as a digital canvas that showcases how ReachDesk creates unrivaled value, driving home the essence of “Moments that Matter.”

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Reached outcomes.

Reachdesk’s new brand identity captivated audiences and provided a valuable point of differentiation. Their new positioning created first-mover opportunities, evolving market perspectives in their favor. They now stand as a beacon of innovation, delivering moments that matter, not just products. With the help of Tomorrow People, ReachDesk redefined their industry and secured a bright future.

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