Bringing a new brand identity to life.


A new digital experience for optimized waste management.

Resourcify, a pioneering software platform specializing in waste management optimization, found itself at a crossroads; eager to evolve its brand identity yet struggling to translate this transformation into the digital realm.

The challenge was to not only rejuvenate the brand’s online presence but also ensure that the new digital strategy would foster engagement while highlighting the refreshed brand identity and messaging.

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Tomorrow People was engaged to drive customer engagement with an updated brand identity, compelling product positioning and a seamless digital experience.

Tomorrow People, a renowned brand and positioning studio, stepped in to address these challenges, embarking on a comprehensive journey to revitalize Resourcify’s digital footprint.

The studio initiated a collaborative process, working closely with Resourcify to understand the nuances of their evolving brand and the unique value they offered in the waste management sector. We conducted extensive market research to identify key differentiators and areas for digital innovation.

Leveraging this insight, we designed and developed a new website property, meticulously crafting every element to align with Resourcify’s refreshed brand identity. The user experience was revamped to be more intuitive, ensuring a seamless user experience that encouraged interaction and engagement. Strategic content placement and compelling call-to-actions were employed to guide visitors through a narrative that not only highlighted Resourcify’s expertise but also demonstrated their commitment to innovation in waste management.

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Understanding the audience

Harnessing first- and third-party data allowed us to undertake audience segmentation, which was validated by strong, detailed industry, sector and primary research.

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Wireframes and prototypes

Using analytics, heat mapping and user data we were able to understand how users were currently engaging with Resourcify, and where they weren’t, to develop wireframes and prototypes that would provide the most relevant user experience.

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Visualizing the idea

The prototypes were then developed further to incorporate the new brand identity, encapsulating key brand elements, brand essence, brand messaging, and brand personality. This was then developed with the latest personalization technologies to support bespoke user journeys.

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Bringing it to life

The website was launched into multiple markets with great success, immediately generating high levels of interaction and user engagement. The updated messaging and product positioning clearly resonated with the challenges of the target audience and the project was a thorough success.

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No more wasted opportunities.

The new website successfully repositioned Resourcify in the market, enhancing brand visibility, driving engagement, and significantly increasing lead generation. A superior user experience helped to build customer trust and loyalty, showcasing Resourcify’s capabilities to a captive audience.

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