Schneider Electric.

A new position to enable the channel.


Stagnating sales in the channel.

Schneider Electric, a renowned global leader in energy management and automation, had a bold vision for their Edge First Solutions division. However, they faced an uphill battle as they struggled to engage their partner channel effectively. Stagnant growth and underperforming sales in the indirect business had become significant challenges, prompting Schneider Electric to seek the expertise of Tomorrow People, a positioning agency renowned for creating unrivaled value.

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Tomorrow People was chosen to demonstrate Schneider Electric’s unique differences.

Schneider Electric’s Edge First Solutions division was at a crossroads. Despite their cutting-edge products and services, they encountered difficulties in differentiating themselves from competitors, captivating their partner channel, and creating first-mover opportunities. These challenges were exacerbated by a rapidly evolving market, where the ability to evolve market perspectives was key to survival.

Tomorrow People addressed these pressing challenges by focussing on leveraging Schneider’s existing strengths while innovatively repositioning their Edge First Solutions to stand out in a crowded market. This was not just about selling products but creating an entirely new narrative and experience for partners and customers alike.

Our innovative training program marked a pivotal shift for Schneider Electric’s global partner team, ushering in an era of empowerment and market prominence. The program was meticulously designed to captivate partners and cultivate industry leadership through various learning avenues, including e-learning, live webinars, and workshops tailored to global diversity.

Its primary focus was to create first-mover opportunities, ensuring partners stayed ahead of market dynamics and customer expectations. Deep insights into Schneider’s solutions and dynamic strategies were provided. Accessible through an intuitive online platform, partners emerged confident, ready to lead the market, reshape perspectives, and deliver exceptional value to customers, solidifying their status as industry leaders in the indirect business.

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New solution positioning

We embarked on repositioning Schneider’s Edge First Solutions by emphasizing their unique value proposition. We portrayed Schneider as the undisputed leader, offering an unparalleled ecosystem of edge technologies. This repositioning, backed by compelling storytelling, dramatically shifted market perspectives and ignited partner enthusiasm.

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New product positioning

Tomorrow People went a step further, taking Schneider’s individual products and creating a differentiated narrative. We showcased each product as a cornerstone of innovation, offering partners a competitive edge and first-mover opportunities in a dynamic industry. This approach added a new layer of excitement around Schneider’s solutions.

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New sales enablement materials

Tomorrow People revamped Schneider’s sales enablement materials to support the newly defined positioning. These materials included informative brochures, interactive presentations, and engaging videos that conveyed the value and benefits of Schneider’s solutions. The materials were designed to captivate the audience and empower partners to articulate the unique value of Schneider’s offerings.

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Training prorgam

In a quest to reinvigorate Schneider Electric’s partner channel, Tomorrow People introduced a dynamic training program. Tailored to the needs of a diverse, global partner team, this initiative aimed to equip partners with cutting-edge expertise. Offering diverse learning options—e-learning, live webinars, and in-person workshops—it cultivated industry leaders. The training focused on seizing first-mover opportunities, keeping partners ahead in a swiftly evolving market. An intuitive online platform provided access to a rich resource library. Partners emerged from the program ready to lead the market, reshaping perspectives, and delivering unmatched value to customers.

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A stronger channel performance.

The strategic partnership with Tomorrow People bore impressive fruits. Schneider Electric’s Edge First Solutions division witnessed a remarkable transformation. The market, once stagnant and uncertain, now buzzed with excitement and curiosity. Partners were empowered with the tools to accelerate their growth and sales in the indirect business. Tomorrow People’s strategic expertise and creative repositioning efforts created unrivaled value for Schneider Electric. Through differentiation, audience captivation, and the creation of first-mover opportunities, Schneider’s Edge First Solutions successfully evolved market perspectives, propelling their partner channel to accelerated growth and sales in the indirect business. Schneider Electric’s success story stands as a testament to the profound impact of strategic positioning in a dynamic market environment.


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