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Poor positioning and out-of-date brand identity.

Silverfin is a dynamic player in the realm of cloud accounting, offering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Their commitment to delivering cutting-edge accounting software has made them a key player in the industry, but as the market evolved, they recognized the need for a fresh approach to maintain their competitive edge.

As the cloud accounting landscape evolved rapidly, Silverfin faced a significant challenge. Their product was robust, but they were struggling to convey its true value and differentiate themselves in a crowded market. It was clear that a new strategy was needed to captivate audiences, create first-mover opportunities, and evolve market perspectives.

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Tomorrow People’s solution for Silverfin was nothing short of transformative.

It became synonymous with groundbreaking solutions, effectively differentiating them from the competition and creating a first-mover opportunity that would lead to sustained growth.

It began with a deep dive into Silverfin’s core strengths and values, conducting comprehensive research to truly understand what set them apart from their competitors. This process of self-discovery laid the foundation for a new brand positioning strategy that would redefine Silverfin’s identity, not only resonated with audiences but also set Silverfin apart as a unique player in the cloud accounting space.

One of the pivotal aspects of the solution was our repositioning of Silverfin’s cloud accounting software. Recognizing the technological superiority and unrivalled value that the product offered, we strategically revamped Silverfin’s positioning. By highlighting its innovative features and showcasing its capabilities, Silverfin’s product was no longer perceived as just another offering in the market.

It became synonymous with groundbreaking solutions, effectively differentiating them from the competition and creating a first-mover opportunity that would lead to sustained growth.

Our solution extended to a complete overhaul of Silverfin’s online presence through the creation of a new website. This dynamic platform was designed not just to inform but to captivate and engage visitors. It carried the essence of the new brand positioning, compellingly communicating Silverfin’s unparalleled value proposition. The website played a vital role in evolving market perspectives, presenting Silverfin as a forward-thinking industry leader, and offering first-mover opportunities in the ever-changing landscape of cloud accounting. The success of this solution became evident as Silverfin’s growth chart began to show remarkable year-on-year progress.

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New brand position

We spearheaded an in-depth analysis of Silverfin’s unique strengths and core values. By working closely with Silverfin’s team, we developed a brand positioning strategy that would set them apart from the competition. This strategy encompassed a fresh brand identity, clear messaging, and a compelling narrative that would captivate audiences and create a lasting impression.

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New product positioning

We recognized the potential of Silverfin’s cloud accounting software and its differentiated features. We repositioned the product, highlighting its cutting-edge capabilities and its unrivalled value proposition. This approach aimed to turn Silverfin into a first-mover, leading the market with their innovative solutions.

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New website

To reflect the brand and product repositioning, Tomorrow People designed and developed a new website. This sleek and engaging platform showcased the company’s new identity and its captivating message. It effectively communicated the first-mover opportunities that Silverfin offered in the evolving cloud accounting landscape, changing market perspectives in the process.

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Content strategy

To visualize how Silverfin can help accounting firms fulfil their digital transformation ambitions, we created a tiered messaging framework that also formed the basis of a maturity curve and self-assessment. We did this by charting capabilities, from basic to enhanced, and aligned them to key features of the Silverfin platform. The ‘four sights of connected accounting’ then underpinned everything we created, from web messaging and content, through to a self-assessment and maturity curve, whereby readers could answer a few questions, understand where they currently sit on the curve, and get personalized recommendations to enable them to enhance their capabilities.

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Year-on-year growth

In the following year, Silverfin experienced a remarkable transformation in their growth trajectory. Thanks to the strategic repositioning led by Tomorrow People, they not only captured the attention of their target audience but also secured their place as a leader in the industry. Year-on-year growth became a reality, validating our role in crafting a fresh narrative for Silverfin that created unrivalled value and differentiated them from the competition. Silverfin’s journey from a strong contender to an industry pioneer serves as a testament to the power of strategic repositioning and Tomorrow People’s invaluable expertise.


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