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Springer Nature’s Research Intelligence division is a renowned global provider of scientific and research data, serving a community of scholars, scientists, and institutions worldwide. Their commitment to advancing knowledge has made them a leader in the research industry.

However, the Research Intelligence division was facing a challenge—the need to reposition and launch a new Research Intelligence SaaS platform that would revolutionize the way researchers access and analyze data. The division approached Tomorrow People for support in overcoming this challenge and bringing their innovation to market.

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Springer Nature engaged Tomorrow People to help them define the future of academic research.

The Research Intelligence division was aware of the immense potential of their new SaaS platform but faced the challenge of effectively positioning and launching it. They needed a strategy that would not only differentiate their offering but also captivate audiences, creating first-mover opportunities and evolving market perspectives. The key challenge lay in convincing a well-established academic audience to embrace a novel platform, and in making sure the product would generate substantial revenue streams.

Tomorrow People’s solution was to craft a holistic strategy that centered on creating unrivalled value for both the division and its target audience.

To achieve this, we embarked on a journey of comprehensive repositioning, starting with the brand and extending to the product.

Our solution hinged on engaging key stakeholders and conducting essential primary research to understand the academic and research communities’ unique perspectives. Through interviews, surveys, and focus groups, we actively involved these stakeholders—from professors to emerging researchers. Their insights were integral to our strategy, shaping repositioning and product positioning to meet their specific needs. This user-driven approach ensured our strategy resonated deeply with academic and research communities, addressing their unique challenges and propelling them into an era of innovation and excellence.

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We redefined the division’s brand, emphasizing its legacy and commitment to science while adding a contemporary edge. This allowed us to create a brand identity that resonated with both the traditional academic community and the new-age researchers.

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Product positioning

The product positioning revolved around the concept of “Creating hidden insights”. The SaaS platform was not just a tool but a catalyst for groundbreaking discoveries. It positioned researchers as pioneers in their field by providing access to a wealth of data and analytical tools that evolved their market perspectives.

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New microsite

The microsite we created was captivating, serving as the primary gateway for the new platform. It told a compelling story, introducing researchers to the capabilities of the SaaS platform and driving engagement. The microsite’s design and content fostered curiosity and inspired visitors to explore the product further.

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Content strategy

We crafted a dynamic content strategy that encompassed thought leadership pieces, whitepapers, infographics, and videos. By combining expert insights, industry trends, and data-driven content, we ignited curiosity among both seasoned academics and emerging researchers.

Our content strategy amplified the brand’s positioning, showcased the SaaS platform’s value, and reshaped the market’s perspective. It inspired engagement and interaction, redefining research intelligence from a tool to a driving force behind academic excellence.

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Market leading platform.

Tomorrow People played a pivotal role in transforming the Research Intelligence division’s brand and product positioning, creating a captivating microsite and, most importantly, generating first-mover opportunities in the market. The repositioning and launch of the Research Intelligence SaaS platform not only created new revenue streams but also redefined how researchers access and utilize data, leaving a lasting impact on the industry’s landscape.


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