A brand relaunch for IT services.


A new company with new direction.

Amidst significant shifts, Trustmarque, a leading IT Services company, stood at a critical juncture. On the cusp of being acquired by a private equity firm while simultaneously absorbing another business, Trustmarque grappled with encapsulating its evolving identity.

With fresh leadership at the helm, there was an urgent need to crystallize a brand identity mirroring its new trajectory, all while maintaining its legacy and trust.

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Taking on Trustmarque’s challenge, Tomorrow People embarked on a holistic brand revamp to help them showcase their new identity.

We commenced with deep-rooted consultations, aiming to understand the intricacies of Trustmarque’s legacy, its new acquisitions, and the vision of the incoming leadership.

With these insights, a refreshed brand strategy and narrative was curated. This new story celebrated Trustmarque’s rich history while embracing its bold future and direction.

The visual identity of Trustmarque was completely overhauled, aligning with the brand’s renewed essence, striking a balance between modernity and trustworthiness. Furthermore, to amplify its digital presence, a user-centric, intuitive website was crafted, serving as the digital storefront for Trustmarque’s revitalized brand.

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Developing the strategy

We set up interviews with the incoming Trustmarque leadership team, current team members from all functions, as well as their customers. We questioned them on their perception of the brand, and their expectations and ideas for moving forward. Additional research was also undertaken, scoping out industry-shaping trends, market opportunities and competitors’ behavior.

From these data points, we extracted key insights that reinforced some aspects of the current brand and revealed some pain points to be overcome. We concluded with several recommendations that served as a basis for an updated brand strategy.

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Framing the story

Storytelling was an essential way for Trustmarque to communicate their brand narrative with employees, potential prospects and current customers. They understood that by getting it right, their audience would feel part of the story.

They became involved, active participants, and so were increasingly invested in the Trustmarque brand, ultimately realizing it was their story and their brand as much as it was Trustmarque’s.

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Realizing the vision

If creating a new brand story is one half of the strategy, then an updated visual identity was certainly the other half for Trustmarque.

We created a strong look and feel that was essential in helping Trustmarque showcase their personality, and ensured they were standing out from the competition.

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Bringing it to life

We then clarified key brand messages, identified relevant brand themes and made recommendations on marketing channels and activities.

We provided the Trustmarque team with a communication toolkit that could be shared with all their employees and distributors.

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A brand renaissance.

The rebrand was more than just a facelift—it was a deep repositioning of Trustmarque’s very essence. From redefining their core brand pillars and elegantly clarifying their position in the market, to articulating a core brand story and powerful visual identity, Tomorrow People completely reinvigorated Trustmarque from top to bottom. The brand relaunch, featuring a new brand video, was a huge success, resonating profoundly with both legacy clients and potential prospects.

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