Unify (Now Mintel).

Delivering a C-level ABM program.


Shifting the targeting to C-level engagements.

Unify (now Mintel) had been targeting the IT persona for many years, which left them more as a commoditized vendor of traditional telecommunications equipment. As their product portfolio evolved with innovations, Unify needed to reeducate and engage with different stakeholders to position their industry solutions as a go-to option for solving larger strategic initiatives.

We re-oriented their targeting and developed a program to target the C-level decision makers with an ABM strategy that would be embedded in their sales team at the heart of these key accounts.

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Tomorrow People had a clear objective: to create demand for Unify’s services within health and public sector organizations and break through to a new audience of C-level customers.

Unify is a global provider of unified communications solutions. They service 75% of the Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Our strategy involved creating rich content hosted on a dedicated microsite and nurturing prospects through marketing automation.

Unify was determined to engage a more senior segment of customers within health and the public sector. Having observed that most decision makers and stakeholders within these organizations were C-level executives, they required strong, new content to attract and retain their attention, coupled with a solid automation strategy to nurture their interest in Unify.

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New solution positioning

We embarked on repositioning Unify by emphasizing its unique value proposition. We portrayed Unify as the undisputed leader, offering an unparalleled ecosystem of communications solutions for the NHS and local government. This repositioning, backed by compelling storytelling, dramatically shifted market perspectives and shifted the focus from the IT persona to the highest levels of decision maker in the target accounts.

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ABM content strategy

We mapped out detailed buyer journeys, considering the content that would be most effective at each part of the conversion funnel. We also created a bank of interactive long-form assets that were then repurposed into smaller pieces for distribution across Unify’s communications channels.

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Sales tools & materials

Tomorrow People developed sales enablement materials to support the newly defined positioning. These materials included informative personalized ABM destination web pages, interactive presentations, and engaging videos that conveyed the value and benefits of Unify’s solutions. The materials were designed to deliver a multi-channel experience for the target accounts and key decision makers.

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Methodology and tech enablement

Before partnering with Tomorrow People, Unify had not used account-based marketing (ABM) techniques. Offering our knowledge and expertise, we guided them through our ABM methodology, the establishment of a full outreach process using the content we had crafted, and their use of the marketing tech stack.

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Stellar pipeline and revenue growth.

With over 1,500 visits to the new microsite and a 30% average conversion rate achieved within the first two months of the campaign going live, the results of the Unify programme truly speak for themselves. Unify’s Head of Global Segments, Tony Rich, added, “Simply, it was one of the best campaigns we’ve ever had, and it was a real fun campaign.”


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