Bringing indoor air quality to life for Airthings
By Pete Winter

Bringing indoor air quality to life for Airthings

Unique interactive experiences guide B2B and B2C prospects on a learning journey to increase awareness and engagement.

A breath of fresh air

Airthings is an award-winning provider of indoor air quality monitoring systems for homes and businesses. The solution delivers real-time sensor data on a range of factors from humidity to radon, so that corrective action can be taken to optimize the indoor environment.

The challenge was to communicate the relevance of indoor air quality in an engaging and persuasive way. Airthings needed to convince the B2B market of the commercial and strategic value of monitoring indoor air quality. The B2C market had to be shown why something they couldn’t see or detect unaided really mattered at all.


We took a fresh approach with two gamified web apps exploring the issues via interactive journeys, guiding the user through a range of relatable real-life indoor air quality scenarios.

Getting personal with B2B prospects

The user is invited into a virtual office building, where the first step is to ‘choose your character’ from the list of key personas. Your mission and goals are then revealed: the Building Owner’s lead with ‘Stay profitable’, while the Facility Manager’s include ‘Be energy-efficient’.

The journey progresses through a series of different rooms, each with an air quality alert to be solved, and a rewarding result to be unlocked. Along the way, the user receives key nuggets of data on the health, commercial, and compliance benefits of improving air quality. Finally, they are invited to learn more by accessing content further down the funnel.

Hitting home with the B2C audience

The Airthings Home illustrates how indoor air quality affects the things people care about, from family health, to getting a good night’s sleep. Leading with lifestyle footage to emphasise the human connection, the journey takes the user through a family home. Interactive elements highlight common indoor air quality issues, from cooking fumes in the kitchen, to excess humidity in the bathroom.

Most importantly, the experience translates scientific and technical data into practical tips on how to improve indoor air quality. After being educated on the issues, the user is guided towards the Airthings solution that best suits their needs.

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