Traditional Advertising: Game or Gamble?
By Pete Winter

Traditional Advertising: Game or Gamble?

media advertisingWinning new business shouldn’t be a gamble, especially in tough economic times. Yet too many companies continue to risk their budget for the poor returns of traditional advertising such as media and print advertising. It’s been proven that businesses that keep in marketing in a recession are the ones that do well in the long-term. Building and maintaining a powerful business presence is important, but traditional advertising is still leaving many companies behind. This is surprising when there are new and more effective ways to monitor and track the impact of marketing and advertising, while it’s live. Instead of the traditional advertising agency gamble, companies can now rely on advanced ways to gather and monitor intelligence before, during and after a campaign, giving them:

  • Current market insight into buyer interest, attitudes and behaviour
  • Live data about responses and reactions to advertising
  • Trackable customer journeys through the marketing cycle – from start to finish

It’s a new approach that is helping companies turn their advertising from a gamble into a solid and measurable aspect of their sales strategy.

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