Is There an Alternative to Traditional Advertising?
By Tomorrow People

Is There an Alternative to Traditional Advertising?

advertising channelsThere’s a big difference between traditional advertising and newer approaches. It’s called strategy. For a long time, companies have relied on the one hit wonder or short term campaign approaches of traditional advertising options – covering all kinds of media advertising and the big advertising agency extravaganza. These depended on a mix of some knowledge and lot of luck for their returns. But a new approach is promising a clearer route and better returns from start to finish.

So what are the new options overtaking advertising right now?

  • A big leap from one-off: Now companies can use inbound marketing to integrate and plan a strategy that actively connects sales and marketing.
  • A complete customer journey: Unlike the limited benefits of traditional ads, companies can now view and track every single step their customer takes, from first touch (whether it’s via a QR code on a print ad, a Facebook article or a conference promo) to final purchase. They can also benefit from free advertising online and getting noticed through approaches like LinkedIn advertising.
  • Back to the future: All this ongoing intelligence gives companies a clearer view of how to reshape their future ad strategies, compared with the limited insight provided by conventional print and TV advertising

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