What’s The True Cost of Traditional Advertising?
By Pete Winter

What’s The True Cost of Traditional Advertising?

advertising channelsThe true cost of traditional advertising for business?


No wonder the spend on traditional advertising is shrinking. It’s big step on from the traditional advertising agency approach. Business-owners are asking themselves why advertising shouldn’t earn its keep like every other area of the business. Traditional advertising is quickly falling behind newer and more effective ways to generate leads and income for these reasons:

  • Unclear return on investment: While the financial impact of old school media advertising is hard to measure, new approaches like inbound marketing show exactly where each lead has come from
  • Disconnected from other business activities: If other business activities must be streamlined and budget conscious, why shouldn’t advertising? In the past, options were limited. Now inbound marketing offers almost endless options for connecting marketing and advertising activities with a company’s overall business and sales strategy using resources such as LinkedIn advertising and other opportunities.
  • A cost rather than an earner: Why should advertising continue to be a cost when it can be an earner? Inbound marketing approaches overtake traditional advertising by creating a higher return on investment at a lower cost

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