Why Businesses Are Failing to Get Results with SEO Marketing?
By Alistair Norman

Why Businesses Are Failing to Get Results with SEO Marketing?

semSEO: dead weight or dead cert?

In just a few years SEO marketing has grown from an unknown quantity into a staple of marketing activity for many businesses. But do companies actually know what they’re taking on when they reach for SEO or ring that SEO agency for help?

SEO is a great example of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. Even more so in the light of ongoing developments in search engines and search marketing. Recent changes like Google’s Panda/Farmer update make it even trickier to gain consistent, tangible results from SEO. So what should a business-owner keep in mind to make the best of SEO?

SEO on its own is not enough

SEO can yield great results – when used as part of an integrated approach. Combining it within an inbound marketing strategy that uses appealing content to persuade and engage with visitors will ensure that they don’t leave as soon as they get to your website. An SEO agency will often focus on keywords alone which leaves out many other important areas of SEO marketing.

SEO is not a one-off job

Markets, technology and customer behaviour change all the time. So why should your marketing strategies be any different? Use inbound marketing technology to monitor and update your keywords and keep up with your market.

The Author

Alistair Norman

Alistair Norman | Marketing Director

Alistair is responsible for the strategy, design and implementation of our Inbound and Content Marketing, with a focus on developing B2B and B2C markets.

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