SEO vs. Marketing
By Pete Winter

SEO vs. Marketing

seo vs marketingSEO vs. Marketing. Sounds contradictory doesn’t it?

Why would you have an SEO marketing approach that conflicts with your marketing strategy? Surely both have the same aim – to help a business win more customers and make more revenue? The two should fit together. After all, an average 22% of total business marketing budgets is spent on SEO marketing, according to the companies surveyed recently (Source: UK SEM Benchmark Report 2011). So why do so many companies spend money on something that works against their main marketing strategy?

SEO vs. the sales funnel

Too many businesses (and many an SEO agency, too) still make the mistake of focusing on keywords that draw customers to their website – without building content on that site that is carefully aimed at building relationships and creating new customers. Connecting the two aspects in an inbound marketing strategy makes more business sense and creates better results.

SEO vs. business intelligence

Why miss out on data that shows you what’s going on throughout your online market? Yet by overlooking the valuable data that SEO can provide via inbound marketing resources, many companies are doing exactly that.

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