3 Key Tips to Effective B2B Email Marketing
By Pete Winter

3 Key Tips to Effective B2B Email Marketing

avoid spam emailsWhat’s the problem with b2b email marketing?

Let’s start with some statistics: the number of worldwide email accounts is projected to increase from over 2.9 billion in 2010, to over 3.8 billion by 2014. In 2010, the typical corporate user was found to send and receive about 110 messages daily. Roughly 18% of emails received is spam, comprising both actual spam and “graymail” (i.e. unwanted newsletters, alerts, etc.) (Source: The Email Statistics Report, 2010, The Radicanti Group). The facts say it all – B2B email marketing is under pressure. So is exactly is the problem with B2B email marketing?

  1. The target’s missing: B2B email marketing provides some great opportunities for segmenting and testing. Yet many companies are letting themselves down by relying on mass email communication rather than targeting their audience.
  2. Disconnected thinking: Businesses might be strategic when it comes to their core activity, but many still miss the mark when it comes to linking up their marketing thinking. Instead of using an inbound marketing approach to join their message up across channels, they’re sending out disconnected marketing emails.
  3. Going generic on the content: Businesses might recognise the value of matching their services to the needs of their customers – so why doesn’t this apply to b2b email marketing? They can gain better results by matching their email content with the different stages of their customer’s buying cycle.

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