3 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Email Marketing Agency
By Pete Winter

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Email Marketing Agency

email marketing campaignThree questions you should ask your email marketing company Are you thinking about asking an email marketing company to manage your email marketing for you? Before you make your decision, here are three questions you always ask:

1. Will you target my email marketing?

This is a crucial first question to ask your email marketing company. They may be happy to take on your own list of contacts or buy a contact list for you. But you need to be sure that they understand the value of targeting your email marketing campaign and segmenting your emails to ensure you get a good return.

2. Will you adapt my email marketing campaign around the results?

Your email marketing company may be full of enthusiasm for getting your campaign started. But have they addressed the issue of what comes next? Have they said they will adapt your email marketing campaign in the light of your results and responses? If not, then you’ll only benefit from limited results in the long-term.

3. Will you create content that works with my customers?

If your email marketing company assures you that Yes, they will create great content – that’s only the start. You want great content that matches each stage of your potential customer’s buying cycle. Otherwise, your email marketing campaign is likely to deliver a limited return.

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