Making Money From Your Marketing
By Pete Winter

Making Money From Your Marketing

increase roiHow to make money from your marketing in 2012

Is your marketing a money spinner or a money worry? Is it proving to be more of a cost than a return on investment? With 2012 around the corner, now is a great time to review what you want from your marketing.

Here are just two ways to make money from your marketing in the year to come:

  1. Do a quick calculation of what you can do to reduce your marketing spend while increasing your ROI. Are there other channels you can use to the same or even better effect? Can you outsource an activity to reduce the drain on in-house resources? Can you adapt the way you do something to make it more cost effective?
  2. Look for the little thing. Spend some time looking for the little thing that could deliver a good ROI. This means focusing on the gaps or missed opportunities hidden within your current marketing activity. For example, are you overlooking the chance to gather prospect data when people visit your website? Are you missing a trick when it comes to following up on one-off phone enquiries? These are the little details that can deliver a great deal. Every business has them, hidden away within their overall marketing approach. Spend some time looking for yours.

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