Why Your Marketing Needs Inbound Marketing in 2012
By Pete Winter

Why Your Marketing Needs Inbound Marketing in 2012

adapt your strategyPlenty of companies do marketing. But not many make a real return in investment on it. The fact is that carrying on with the same old way of doing things will only yield the same results. So why not consider something different? Here’s why your marketing needs inbound marketing in 2012:

Broader reach

Which marketing channels did you use in 2011? Did you carry on using all the same old ones, despite limited returns? Inbound marketing boosts your profile by allowing you to go bigger and multi-channel and to see a better ROI on your marketing.

Understand buyer behaviour

Are you actually tracking how your marketing is performing? By using inbound marketing you can do this, live. Then you can keep an adapting your strategy according to your buyers’ behaviour.

Closer to customers

Is your marketing plan built around creating a consistent marketing message – that will consistently bring in new leads? Inbound marketing technology lets you integrate all of your marketing across the different channels.

So, why your marketing needs inbound marketing in 2012?

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