3 Easy Way to Create How To Videos
By Pete Winter

3 Easy Way to Create How To Videos

video creationThree ways to create How To videos people want to watch

How To videos. The internet is awash with them. From YouTube to almost every business website you can think of, How to videos are on offer. So what can you do to create effective and engaging How To videos?

Keep these tips in mind for creating How To videos that people actually want to watch.

Check the demand

Before you starting devising your range of How To videos, ask yourself about the demand. What are the topics your clients regularly ask you about? What are the recurring themes that get mentioned in industry forums and blogs? Address these and you’ll have a ready made audience.

Be distinctive

The line between information and entertainment is getting blurrier all the time. People expect to be entertained with How To videos. They want to feel engaged. So, while you should maintain your position as the expert, don’t forget to be interesting and distinctive.

Get the right style

Think carefully about the way you want to deliver your How To videos. It all depends, of course, on your target market. Are they used to more formal delivery or will they be put off by a suited and booted style? If so, your How To videos will probably prove more distraction than instruction.

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