eGuide on Building the Perfect Marketing Mix
By Pete Winter

eGuide on Building the Perfect Marketing Mix

Is your marketing mix up to the mark?

Is your marketing mix achieving everything you want it to? Recent research suggests that companies using social media or “collaborative Web 2.0 technologies” achieve higher profits (Source: McKinsey). So, are you one of the companies missing out on a better marketing ROI by neglecting or misusing social media and other technologies? Here are two ways to get a marketing mix that makes for better results:

Get closer to customers with social media

It’s now possible to track and connect with all your prospective clients using social media. Inbound marketing technology allows you to view and track your buyers’ behaviour – from first touch through to first sale and well beyond. This approach also makes it easier to retain any potential customers, whatever stage of buying cycle they are at.

Build a stronger profile

With the right marketing mix you can create a more compelling and cost effective brand presence. By using inbound marketing approaches, you can create a cross-channel presence that actually reduces the cost of building a receptive and responsive brand profile. This approach also makes it much easier to budget for the year ahead. You have a core strategy which then feeds out across all the channels – bringing you a better ROI for the future.

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