Why your Business will need Inbound Marketing in 2012
By Alistair Norman

Why your Business will need Inbound Marketing in 2012

top 10 marketing trends of 2012 info graphic coverWhy would your business need inbound marketing in 2012?

After all, you’ve managed without it in 2011. The answer is – things are set to change in 2012. The latest marketing trends mean that no business can afford to overlook inbound marketing. Here’s why:

More channels:

The rise and rise of social media means that companies will need to connect up all their marketing approaches to create a cohesive brand in 2012. Inbound marketing technology allows companies to integrate all their activities in one.

More information:

The increase of marketing channels means the growth of analytics. Companies need to manage the quality and quantity of data that they gather. In place of confusing Google analytics, inbound marketing technology gives companies one clear dashboard that shows them, live, exactly how well their marketing is performing.

More voices:

Market trends 2012 look set to be about the user’s voice. Companies need to be ready to manage and respond to this feedback, in order to shape their social media influence. Inbound marketing technology allows you to achieve that effectively and consistently.

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