Two Ways to Adapt Business to the Latest Marketing Trends
By Alistair Norman

Two Ways to Adapt Business to the Latest Marketing Trends

2012 marketing trendsLike most businesses, you will probably have your marketing plan for 2012 already in place. But have you built your plan so that you’re ready to respond to the latest market trends? While it’s important to stay focused, it’s equally as important to be prepared for the opportunities and challenges that will come from the latest marketing trends.

Here are two ways to achieve it:

1. Identify which market trends match your business priorities

This approach isn’t about slavishly trying to fit in with every market trend going. It’s about strategically matching your company’s priorities with the most relevant and potentially profitable trends out there. Look closely at the trends for 2012 to identify which ones could be very good news for your business.

2. Think long-term

At this stage of the year, it could be tempting to adopt only short-term measures for adapting to the latest marketing trends. Resist this and instead think long-term about how to integrate those trends you have identified as relevant.

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