Three Reasons You Can’t Afford to Ignore the Latest Marketing Trends
By Pete Winter

Three Reasons You Can’t Afford to Ignore the Latest Marketing Trends

search for trendsMarket trends 2012. Are they really something your business can afford to ignore? You may think so – or have the belief that if you’re already using tried and tested approaches, you shouldn’t need to change your ways just on the whim of the marketing world.

However, there are three important reasons why every business needs to keep up with the latest marketing trends:

1. Your customers are behaving strangely

Ignore the latest marketing trends and you may start to wonder why your customers – and your prospects are starting to behave so strangely. Strange means not responding the way they used to to you or becoming harder to reach. This could well be behaviour shaped by the latest marketing trends. If you’re not aware of what’s making your customers act that way, how are you going to keep up with them?

2. You need to know what you don’t need to know

Ignoring the latest marketing trends only gives you one option: sticking with what you don’t know. Taking notice gives you two: acting or not acting, but with knowledge either way. Paying attention to the latest marketing trends gives you the choice of choosing not to respond, if appropriate – a much stronger position to be in.

3. Your competitors are already embracing the latest marketing trends

Avoid the newest and latest marketing trends and you could get overtaken by your competitors. It’s not a case of playing ‘keepy uppy’, but of applying good business sense.

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