Why Make New Year’s Resolutions for your Marketing?
By Pete Winter

Why Make New Year’s Resolutions for your Marketing?

unlock marketing resolutionsWhy every business needs to make New Year’s resolutions for their marketing

The New Year’s resolution is not just a useful way to make a life change. It can also prove to be a valuable resource for upgrading the performance of your business marketing in 2012. It may seem easy to dismiss the New Year’s resolution as an over-popular excuse to set unrealistic ambitions at the start of every year. But this is seriously underestimating its creative potential. The New Year’s resolution also provides a simple, but powerful mechanism for looking back – and forwards.

  • Out with the old: Applying the New Year resolution approach can help you identify what hasn’t been working with your marketing. It could also allow you to actively let go of outdated attitudes that have caused you to miss out on some new opportunities.
  • Funny New Year resolutions: Getting a little funny with your New Year resolutions could create some interesting marketing results. Try being a little quirky to really get creative about what you could do differently. Is there something you’d really like to achieve, but you just haven’t dared to try it before? Your New Year’s resolutions could help make it a reality in 2012.

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