Why B2B Telemarketing Needs to Change
By Pete Winter

Why B2B Telemarketing Needs to Change

telemarketingB2b telemarketing is changing. Yet many businesses still rely on the old way of finding new leads and customers – despite the cost and time involved.

They’re missing out on more effective telemarketing approaches, using inbound marketing to boost leads and revenue. Here’s why b2b telemarketing needs to change:

  • British consumers receive an average of six cold calls a month at home and three-quarters of people want cold calling to be banned, according to a recent survey (Source: Which?). Both domestic and business prospects are becoming increasingly resistant to the lure of the cold call, however well delivered.
  • People are using the internet and social media more than ever before. So why do so many companies ignore the leads they receive online when they are planning their telemarketing campaign?
  • Customers trust brands. They want to have a connection with company – rather than feel pursued by cold callers. Applying an inbound marketing approach allows you to actively connect and nurture each prospect, alongside your telesales activity.
  • Times are tough. Now more than ever, people value being given the time to consider a purchase, rather than having a traditional b2b telemarketing approach. Give them that space and stay connected via inbound marketing technology and you can create a longer-term relationship with your potential customers.

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