Why Inbound Marketing is Telemarketing’s Secret Ingredient
By Pete Winter

Why Inbound Marketing is Telemarketing’s Secret Ingredient

telemarketing processTelemarketing is a well known method of drumming up more business. Yet it is facing increasing challenges – consumers overwhelmed and desensitised to increasing volume of cold calls plus a growing shift towards the internet and social media for making choices around what we buy.

These changes mean that telemarketing requires a secret ingredient to make it truly effective in creating great results for companies:

Added customer connection:

Use inbound marketing effectively and it can transform those cold prospects into interested potential customers.

Better commercial insight:

The better your background information is, the better you can target the right people and gain the best ROI from your campaign. Inbound marketing technology can give you live information on the best leads to approach on the phone.

Longer lasting results:

Telemarketing is often a short-term measure that creates just short-term results. Applying inbound marketing to a telemarketing campaign can create better results and a more loyal customer-base.

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