Is your telemarketing turning strangers into potential customers?
By Pete Winter

Is your telemarketing turning strangers into potential customers?

connect your marketingTurning Strangers into Potential Customers Through Telemarketing

Telemarketing. Is yours transforming strangers into potential customers – or merely putting strangers off your product or service? The results could make a big difference to your sales levels and overall business performance. There are some important ways to manage the process of winning people over with your approach – whether you use professional telemarketing services or do it yourself. So how do you apply telemarketing so that it converts strangers into potential customers?

Get to know them first:

Use an inbound marketing approach to gain up to date intelligence on your prospects – instead of using outdated lists. Inbound marketing gives you advanced analytics that show you the entire customer journey from first touch to first sale and well beyond.

See what interests them:

Inbound marketing technology also supports your approach with a leads dashboard showing potential new customers at individual level, plus lead scoring technology to prioritise who you contact first. So instead of phoning up cold with little or no information, you have intelligence that gives you clear insight into each prospect.

Understand what matters to them:

You can also use inbound marketing to help segment the people you want to reach – into different industries, interests and other categories, all helping to make your approach more targeted.

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