How to Fall in Love with your Marketing for Valentine’s Day 2012
By Pete Winter

How to Fall in Love with your Marketing for Valentine’s Day 2012

the marketing funnel of loveValentine’s Day 2012. It’s not just about hearts and flowers for your personal life. Why not use this auspicious date to re-ignite your passion for your own marketing strategy? Make the most of the year’s most romantic day to reconsider your own marketing approach – and look forward to pulling in more prospects and customers. Here are just a few ways to get Cupid smiling on your marketing strategy once more:

Plan the perfect first date:

Every first date is important, whether it’s with your potential spouse or your prospective customer. Make sure your prospects enjoy a perfect first date by attracting them with unique and interesting marketing content. Reach out to them by taking your content to where they are.

Love starts with trust:

Every great relationship is based on trust. Build your prospect’s trust in you as an expert by sending them content that answers their burning questions. Listen to what their concerns are and provide solutions with content that matches their particular buying cycle.

Pull the perfect customer:

Now your prospect trusts you, provide them with marketing content that shows just how great you are – and how you could help them. Then you’ll pull the perfect customer.

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