10 Signs Something is Missing from your Marketing Strategy
By Pete Winter

10 Signs Something is Missing from your Marketing Strategy

love marketing funnelIs your marketing strategy missing something crucial? It could be, if you’re finding that you’re not converting prospects into sales as effectively as you’d like. Or if you’re not maximising the sales potential of the internet. That missing something could be costing you customers, sales and leads.

Here are ten signs there’s something missing from your marketing strategy:

  1. You’re failing to consistently attract new prospects and visitors to your website or to engage people in your social media networks.
  2. You’re attracting website visitors – but not turning them into customers.
  3. You’re losing people at the middle or the end of the sales funnel.
  4. People don’t recognise you as an expert in your industry.
  5. You aren’t creating unique content that gets you noticed on the internet.
  6. You approach prospects with the full sales approach – and they fail to respond.
  7. Your sales team is not up to date with your current marketing strategy.
  8. Your marketing content is out of date, for example on your blog.
  9. Prospects don’t seem to understand exactly what you’ve got to offer them.
  10. You’re not clear which stage of the buying cycle each of your prospects is at.

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