Top Valentine’s Day Ideas for Pulling in More Prospects
By Alistair Norman

Top Valentine’s Day Ideas for Pulling in More Prospects

pulling in more prospectLooking for inspiration for your marketing this Valentine’s Day? Wondering how you can create a stronger relationship with your client-base? Try out some of our top marketing ideas for Valentine’s Day 2012:

  • Create a perfect match: Create a perfect match between each stage of your marketing and sales pipeline to ensure that you nurture people from prospects into customers.
  • Give something special: Give your customer what they’ve always wanted this Valentine’s Day and beyond – expert answers to their specific business problem.
  • Keep it personal: Make them feel valued. Keep your marketing content personal and relevant to the prospect and their current needs. You won’t woo them effectively with impersonal and irrelevant content.
  • Say it with expertise: Win them over with your up to date industry knowledge and your in-depth knowledge of the answers to their questions.
  • Don’t let go: Don’t lose prospects by neglecting them. Stay in touch with them using great content and keep them interested in what you have to offer.
  • Give them space: The best relationships thrive on a little space. Give your prospect the space and time to buy into your business, when they’re ready. That means not doing the hard sell, but carefully nurturing them through a strategic marketing and sales funnel.

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