Why Your Prospects Love Inbound Marketing
By Pete Winter

Why Your Prospects Love Inbound Marketing

marketing love funnelYour prospects love inbound marketing. But they don’t know it yet. This is because inbound marketing gives both you and your customers a great deal more than a conventional marketing strategy. Here are just some of the reasons that your customers – and your prospects – love inbound marketing:

Your prospects want to be wooed

No-one likes the hard sell. Yet many companies still rely solely on telemarketing or other hard line approaches to win new business. Inbound marketing allows you to woo customers at their own pace and meet them exactly where they are in their buying cycle.

Your prospects like to be treated as individuals

There’s nothing more personal than a marketing approach that allows you to view each individual prospect as they are visiting your website, live. Inbound marketing technology gives you the individual insight to approach your prospects in a more personal way and gain better results.

Your prospects love interesting, relevant content

Your prospects are busy people dealing with all kinds of business challenges every day. So they think it’s great when someone provides them with timely, relevant and interesting content that seems to answers their needs before they express them. It’s not that you’re psychic – you simply used inbound marketing technology to research what your prospects really want to know right now.

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