What Business-Owner Needs to Know about Social Media Marketing
By Pete Winter

What Business-Owner Needs to Know about Social Media Marketing

lead generation from social mediaThree things every business-owner needs to know about social media marketing and why social marketing is still not working for every business

Social media marketing. It’s one of the biggest things to hit the world of marketing for some time. But many business-owners are leaping head first into social media marketing – without taking some essential rules into consideration first. This is causing many companies to fail at winning with social media marketing.

Three things that every business-owner needs to now right now are:

1. Your social media needs to be more than just social

It may look like one giant conversation, but you need to work social media marketing just as effectively and strategically as any other form of marketing. So it’s important to be as strategic as you are social.

2. Being “out there” doesn’t magically attract new leads

Putting your business “out there” in the social media networking world does not automatically bring in new business. Presence without focus is just presence. It may gain a few wins by chance, but in the long-term you’ll probably find that you’re doing too little work for too small a return.

3. It’s not you, it’s them

The hard sell is still the hard sell, whether it’s in 140 characters or 140 pages. So many companies still push their sales cycle rather than adapting their content to meet the interests of their potential customers.

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