6 Quick Social Media Tips to Boost Your Business
By Pete Winter

6 Quick Social Media Tips to Boost Your Business

social lead generationSocial media marketing has a great deal to offer ambitious businesses. Are you making the most of it – or missing out? If you feel your business could be getting more from social media marketing, try our six quick tips to boost your marketing strategy:

  • Be interested: Social media networks are not about doing the big business sell, but connecting and conversing with people. Connect first, sell later.
  • Be current: Take a long-term view of social media marketing and avoid putting lots of work into it, then losing interest. Keep it current and consistent.
  • Stay on point: Keep focused with what you’re doing on Twitter or Facebook and with your core message. Don’t get distracted by going off-message.
  • Interact regularly: Keep it interesting for your contacts. Create ways for them to interact with you via your social media marketing. Think competitions, offers, surveys etc.
  • Move it along: Don’t stay satisfied with just having lots of social media connections. Move them along a clear process to help create more leads for your business.
  • Stay personal: However big your following gets, always aim to stay personal and show that you’re grateful for people’s interest and interaction. Then you’ll help create long-lasting loyalty.

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