How to Implement a Pull Marketing Strategy
By Alistair Norman

How to Implement a Pull Marketing Strategy

why use pull marketingWhat every business needs to know about pull marketing

Most businesses rely on marketing to help attract new leads and sales. Yet, too many companies continue to depend on traditional ‘push’ marketing approaches to achieve this. The benefits of pull marketing strategy mean that there are some important things that every business-owner should know:

  1. Pull marketing campaigns allows you to draw in leads and business with less effort, and at a lower cost than traditional marketing approaches.
  2. Pull marketing changes the emphasis of marketing activities from a continuous drive to a more compelling draw for your potential customers
  3. Pull marketing is increasing in value thanks to the rise of the internet, search marketing and social media. More and more people are using the web and social networking to make decisions about the products or services they want to buy. Pull marketing directly taps into this.
  4. Pull marketing also taps into the growing number of social media communities by maximising your impact via online ‘word of mouth’.
  5. Pull marketing techniques done effectively makes it easier to attract prospects and convert them into customers.

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