Poll of the Day: Telemarketing - Dead or Alive?
By Pete Winter

Poll of the Day: Telemarketing – Dead or Alive?

telemarketingThe cold call is a fact of everyday life. With British consumers receiving an average of six cold calls a month at home, three-quarters of people want cold calling to be banned, according to a recent survey (Source: Which). Both domestic and business prospects are becoming increasingly resistant to the lure of the cold call, however well delivered. This means that creating new leads from cold calling is becoming more challenging and time consuming. With telemarketing usually undertaken via a contacts database, it can often be ineffective and yield a poor return on the time and money spent on it. As a marketing activity, telemarketing is very time-heavy for businesses to undertake in-house – whilst proving costly to maintain on an outsourced basis.

So, does this mean the death of telemarketing?

To those out there who has, how effective did you/do you find it in creating new leads? Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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