Four questions you should always ask a branding agency
By Pete Winter

Four questions you should always ask a branding agency

Are you thinking about, or are you working with a branding company to rebrand your bussiness? Here are four questions every business-owner should ask their branding agency before going ahead with a business rebrand:

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1. How well do you understand my business?

The answer to this question will help to reveal exactly how far your branding company has gone to get to know your company, your aims and aspirations. It will help ensure that they create a brand that truly reflects you and where you want to be.

2. How do you plan to position us in our marketplace?

This question uncovers whether the branding agency has taken a wider view of your company rebrand. Do they recognise the nature of your industry and your competitors – or are they just focusing on creating something that looks good?

3. What aspects will you want to cover in our rebrand?

While you may have approached the branding company about a specific issue, for example a logo redesign, it is worth finding out their view of your entire company rebrand. This question also shows whether they understand the value of a holistic rebrand rather than a one-off re-jig.

4. What’s your view of our current brand?

This important question will show just how well the branding company has assessed your current rebrand and its impact on your performance and profitability.

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