Three questions you must ask before you rebrand your business
By Pete Winter

Three questions you must ask before you rebrand your business

If you’re thinking about a business rebrand, you probably have more questions than answers right now. After all, a rebrand can have a big impact on your company. So it’s essential to start by asking three important questions:

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1. What do we want to achieve with this branding?

Before you make any decisions, start by mapping out what you actually want to achieve. How far do you want your brand to reach? How will you link it with your overall business plan? What will your new business represent? What values, aims and aspirations do you want to communicate?

2. What’s our starting point?

Assess exactly where you’re coming from. Are you moving on from an established, but perhaps outdated brand? Are you seeking to start afresh – or starting from scratch? If you’re moving on to a new brand, perhaps the old way of doing things could give you some vital clues.

3. Which brands inspire you?

This is a great opportunity to learn from other companies. Which company brands or logos excite you? What it is that you like about them and how you can apply this insight to your own business?

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